Marie Low

Swimming is the glue that holds me together, becoming more important as I get older. I started in the pool in my twenties, having had no formal lessons, swimming 1x 25m length was hard. The pool grew larger turning into the ocean blue and after some guidance from a water-loving husband I gained more confidence. […]

Maite Serna Bermejo

I can’t start talking about ocean swimming and yoga without saying THANK YOU to my two mentors Kaye and my sister-in-law Maria as well as to my swimming friends and to the sea. The vast wild stunning empty beaches of New Zealand could be a little bit scary and challenging for a Basque girl like […]

Michelle Stevenson

I’m an expat returning from Italy to New Zealand, where the Pacific Ocean has become my new training ground!! From triathlon workouts in the cramped lanes of a chlorinated pool, where sessions are about following the black line at the bottom of the pool, to heading out to the open water, is a big step. […]

Frances Dickinson

I’ve been an ocean baby all my life. I grew up swimming and diving in the North Sea as a kid and then travelled the world in search of sharks as a ‘big’ kid. I decided to come along to the ocean swimming group for the company and consistency that swimming in a group brings […]

Ian Johnson-Lee

One of the motivations for ocean swimming was the attraction of being able to explore places while exercising and the chance to meet new people and the fun of being part of a group – swimming in a pool does not compare. I love achieving something I have not done before such as swimming around […]

Heather Johnson-Lee

I used to swim in my 20s as part of very casual triathlon racing. Having lived in Leigh for 5 years, Ian and I realised that Matheson Bay was such a great location for regular swimming as a form of exercise. We decided to invest in swimming wetsuits as a motivation to make a commitment […]

Kylie Bradley

My love for ocean swimming started around 15 years ago after returning from overseas, prior to this I was a competitive swimmer and NZ rep for waterpolo. A friend of mine Scott Rice started up ocean swim series in NZ, that’s when my interest in ocean swimming began. I have been a regular participant at […]

Barbara Barnhill, NC/USA

We were visiting Leigh from America for a few weeks. I was a rookie. I had really only swum in a pool, and liked having clear water and the chance to rest at the ends.  I was nervous about swimming in the ocean, but wanted to try. My first ocean swim was at Matheson Bay. […]

Stewart Halliwell

I had swum regularly in a pool in Auckland with a squad to train for Masters swim events in Auckland harbour. I missed the regularity and mateship when moving north so joining Leigh Swimmers and finding a new swim tribe is a relief. Being amongst people with a passion for getting in the sea in all […]

Jess Campbell (UK)

I swam in the sea every day at home (in the UK) before coming to NZ for a PhD in 2018, and was adamant to continue here. I’d grown up swimming competitively in the pool but left swimming behind at 18 and pursued more outdoor/adventure-based sports like rock climbing, skydiving and trail running, which I […]