The YogiFish Toe-Dipper

I offer one-to-one sessions in Leigh, an hour north of Auckland, tailored just for you. I provide a safe intro to yoga and ocean swimming specifically for nervous swimmers and yogis who are curious to stretch themselves. 

What a session might look like:

  • We’ll start with a chat to hear where you’re at and what you’d like to explore
  • We could flow into swimming-specific yoga focusing on breathwork (great for swimming), shoulder mobility (ditto), strengthening & lengthening, flexibility, easy sun salutations and balance.
  • Let’s get wet in the big blue playground. We’ll head to a safe beach (depending on wind/weather/swell), where we’ll start out in the shallows and swim parallel to the shore… then let’s see where the current takes us… possibly back to the safety of the beach… or maybe, just maybe, you’ll allow me to coax you a little out of your depth! (Please note, you should ideally already know how to swim freestyle. Snail pace and basic technique is fine.)
  • I’ll give you tips on technique, what gear you might need, you might like to try out different goggles and see what suits your face. 
  • This is about helping YOU to get comfortable with being out of your depth.
  • Extra option: GoPro footage of your swimming style with specific tips on improving efficiency and technique.

What's Included

Yoga with all gear (mat, bolster, block, blanket)

Tips, techniques, advice on the best gear, use of a tow float ... and whatever your heart desires. 


What to Bring

Comfy stretchy clothes suitable for yoga, swim gear, cap (recommended to keep water out of your ears. I have YogiFish caps), goggles or even a snorkel, mask & fins if you prefer.

A wetsuit or a shortie if you have one (but not essential). Change of warm clothes.


Cost: $80/hour


Get in touch to tee up a session. I’m excited to meet you.


We have stunning choices around Leigh. I’ll announce the venue closer to the date depending on conditions.

Ready to jump into the swimming season?

While safety takes top priority and we look out for each other, you are ultimately responsible for yourself. Please know your limits. Listen to your body. Only do what you are comfortable with.