Got questions ?

Absolutely. In fact, every Friday at 9am we meet for an ‘intro to ocean swimming’ for rusty/rookie/pool-transitioning/nervous swimmers at Mathesons Bay, Leigh.

We swim all distances, from 25 metres (see above) to longer swim safaris.

Ideally, you should be able to swim close to 750m without stopping. You’ll find you can actually swim much longer with a supportive pod around you. It’s not about faster, longer, winning… it’s all about joy and camaraderie.

We have regular weekly swims and yoga classes. Check out the schedule on: or on @YogifishNZ or @Leigh Swimmer. Sign up for our email updates: link.
We’re lucky to have bays, coves and beaches and harbours to swim in, no matter the wind/weather/tide conditions: Goat Island, Omaha, Whangateau Harbour, Mathesons Bay, Leigh Harbour, Ti Point, Point Wells, Tawharanui… and beyond.
Age is not as important as being able to freestyle (front crawl) steadily for about 15 minutes. If this is not the case, the best solution is to start by building up with laps in a pool. Ideally, 12 years minimum. Yoga is for everyone.
For swimming, a cap, goggles (or snorkel and mask if that’s more comfy), tow float for safety and visibility, fins if you like, a swimming wetsuit is nice in winter. That said, some of us are swimming without a wettie. For yoga, comfy stretchy clothes.
You should be confident swimming about 750m in a swimming pool (freestyle) and be able to tread water for a few minutes.
No, you should know how to swim freestyle, even if it’s slow and steady. We sometimes organise swim coaching separately or as part of an escape.
At our organised swims, we hold a briefing, we swim with one PLB (personal locator beacon), a mobile phone, tow floats are compulsory and we support each other as a pod in groups according to ability and speed. For longer swims, we are accompanied by an inflatable dinghy with a quiet electric engine.
Snail, steady, speedy… doesn’t matter.
Yoga $15 casual, 5-class concession $70, 10-class concession $140
A balmy 12-22 degrees Celsius
A fear of sharks is a primal response and completely understandable, HOWEVER, you are more likely to be crushed to death by a falling vending machine in your office or by a cow falling on you in a paddock. Possibility: sure. Probability: one in 3,748,067.

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