Heather Johnson-Lee

I used to swim in my 20s as part of very casual triathlon racing. Having lived in Leigh for 5 years, Ian and I realised that Matheson Bay was such a great location for regular swimming as a form of exercise. We decided to invest in swimming wetsuits as a motivation to make a commitment to getting out there and doing it. The first swim involved stopping by each of the buoys to catch my breath.

Keeping going for the next 4 or 5 months, I progressed through being less out of breath, but feeling like it was a major effort to swim one lap of the Matheson triangle. From there and with the encouragement and challenges set by the group, it is now so much easier and longer swims are not so daunting. I am also a lot more confident and relaxed in the deep water. Highlights have been completing some of the longer swims such as Whangateau Harbour, around Goat Island and Leigh Harbour to Matheson. Seeing fish while you are swimming or just enjoying the variety of rocks and crevices that you swim over are also a bonus. Other highlights are meeting lots of new people who also love being in the ocean.

From now, I am looking forward to heading back towards warmer water and air temperatures which will allow for even more of the social aspects of the swimming – it is a bit harder to stop and chat when you are getting chilled. I am looking forward to discovering more swim adventures and more swim buddies.
Doing yoga with Kaye definitely adds to the whole experience. Kaye is aware of what yoga movements will add to and enhance the swimming experience.

Yoga and swimming – a great way to achieve fitness and health!



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