Stewart Halliwell

I had swum regularly in a pool in Auckland with a squad to train for Masters swim events in Auckland harbour.

I missed the regularity and mateship when moving north so joining Leigh Swimmers and finding a new swim tribe is a relief. Being amongst people with a passion for getting in the sea in all conditions is a great motivator. Their local knowledge on swimming in new bays and coves, previously unknown, is a treat and keeps interest up.

Pilates and more recently yoga to a lesser degree, has been for flexibility and prevention of back pain; it helps with joint mobility and length of swim stroke.

I had wanted to swim around Goat Island for many years on frequent freedive trips but lacked motivated companions and oomph to do it alone. I have now done it twice in last six months and it was even better than anticipated, the wildness, seeing the surge of the swell on the eastern cliffs, treading water with fellow swimmers is a joy.

Knowing that there will be a flood of Whatsapp messages and pics extolling the wonders of a missed swim is a great incentive not to miss one!



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