Wild Swimming + Yoga Adventures
for curious explorers and joy seekers
Ocean Swim & Yoga
Strength in stillness
Ocean Safaris + Retreats
Explore land and sea
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Let go of the shoreline
and dip your toes into a new adventure

If you are looking for a new challenge or bring more play and fun into your life, we have sand and land experiences for you!

YogiFish takes you on a journey to discover new soul and seascapes with
flow-style yoga classes, breath work, ocean safaris and retreats.

Meet Kaye

I’m Kaye Mueller and I’ll be your guide on the yoga mat and in the ocean. The breath and body connection of yoga brings a new dimension to swimming.

I love weaving the language of the ocean and yoga philosophy together.

Meet the Pod

Share your experiences with a supportive pod as you take on new experiences and gain confidence.

The excitement is contagious as you savour the ‘endolphins’ and healthier lifestyle.

This is your journey – you don’t have to take yoga classes to swim with the pod, and you don’t have to swim to join my yoga classes. But if you’re curious, I invite you to join us and discover how these two powerful practices could transform your swimming – and your life.


Come along on a Friday morning at 9am for our regular try-a-swim at Matheson Bay, Leigh, Auckland.

Toe Dipper Session

Fun, supportive half-day workshops specifically designed for hesitant but curious.

Yoga Flow

Dive deep into your body, mind and soul, flow like kelp and cascade down to the mat.

High Fives from the Pod

“I can’t describe the amount of joy that I get from swimming with the group.

I’m a little different, because I swim with my mask and fins so I can freedive down to see the fish as we go on our adventures. I love to take photos too and am often a bit of a marine tour guide, pointing out all the great things for people to see below the waves. I absolutely love being out with the group – and with Sid too! He’s a great swim companion and official Pod mascot.”

Frances Dickinson