The Goat Swim

Photo credit: ScottieT Sunday 21 October, 2023 Leigh Swimmers and Samoa Swim are proud to co-host The Goat Island swim on Labour Weekend Sunday. Continuing the tradition of the event launched by NZ Swim Safaris, we’ll run a timed race around the island followed by a safari lap (ca. 2km each). Swim one laps or […]

Meet Muriel…

Kaye Mueller Yogifish Muriel boat launch

Muriel is a 2.6m Takacat inflatable catamaran with a 3hp Torqueedo electric engine – yeah, I know right! Watch out, there’s a new hoon in town! She joined our pod in October 2021 as a vessel to keep us safe and to carry our essentials like muffins and hot drinks. I named her Muriel after […]